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West Hills Collision Center, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Portland, OR

Clean Wind Energy

By using Portland General Electric's Clean Wind renewable energy source, the West Hills Collision and Hilltop Collision Centers are helping build new renewable energy resources right here in Oregon. It's an easy, economical way to help support our Northwest wind farms.

If you would like to power your business with Clean Wind, please visit Portland General Electric's website.

PGE Clean Wind

How We Utilize Wind Energy

The process behind wind energy is pretty simple. It starts, of course, with the wind, which is actually a form of solar energy. Wind is caused by the sun's heating of the atmosphere, the irregularities of the earth's surface and its rotation.

The wind turbine captures that energy through propeller-like blades attached to a rotor, usually atop towers to access faster, less turbulent wind. Turbines can operate at variable or fixed speeds. Most new projects use variable speed as it more efficiently converts wind to electricity.